What is CER-DECK?2020-06-17T15:57:07+02:00

Cer-Deck is a non-toxic mat made of expanded synthetic rubber, specifically formulated for marine applications, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Cer-Deck is odorless and provides thermal and acoustic insulation. Produced in two-color sheets, it has a non-slip surface that is comfortable for bare feet. Stable in light, it resists oils, solvents, and weather elements.
Its low thermal conductivity, unlike other teak-like products, ensures a surface that does not get too hot even when exposed to the sun.
Cer-Deck is a floating material that is essentially non-stick and water-repellent, free from any form of absorption, so dirt stays on the surface without penetrating inside.
It can be customized in various shapes with contrasting colored planks for text, logos, and brands.

Where is it applied?2020-06-17T15:57:24+02:00

Cer-Deck can be applied on various surfaces such as non-skid deck coverings, flooring, swim platforms, gangways, hatches, and sun pads.
It can also be applied to jet skis, surfboards, and inflatable boards (SUP). Thanks to its unique flexibility, it can also be applied to curved and irregular surfaces. Cer-Deck can be applied on fiberglass, aluminum, ABS, wood, and even on neoprene or PVC tubes.
The possible applications are endless; it can also be used to create gadgets and accessories.

How is it applied?2020-06-17T15:57:46+02:00

Cer-Deck comes with double-sided adhesive.
The application is simple, as it comes pre-shaped and ready for installation.
However, follow the instructions.

Can Cer-Deck be applied over existing non-skid surfaces?2020-06-17T15:58:01+02:00

Cer-Deck adheres very well to most types of non-skid surfaces, provided that the surface is properly cleaned before application.

What colors are available?2020-06-17T16:51:17+02:00

The available colors are:

  • Teak, Teak with black caulking, Teak with white caulking,
  • Dark Teak, Dark Teak with black caulking, Dark Teak with white caulking,
  • Gray, Gray with black caulking, Gray with white caulking,
  • Anthracite, Anthracite with black caulking, Anthracite with white caulking
  • Sport series: Anthracite with blue, green, yellow, orange, or red caulking.

(View available colors here)

What is the best method to clean the Cer-Deck?2020-06-17T16:51:35+02:00

Cer-Deck can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water and a stiff brush, or with non-aggressive cleaners. Do not use acid-based cleaners.

What can I use to cut/shape the Cer-Deck?2020-06-17T16:51:52+02:00

Use a cutter with a new blade. It may be necessary to replace the blades depending on the size of the job and the number of cuts made.

Can I have the Cer-Deck cut to size?2020-06-17T16:52:17+02:00

Yes, if templates/patterns or drawings in CAD format (DXF or DWG) are provided for each part. If the request refers to a simple geometric shape like a rectangle, square, etc., such as for a pad or mat, you can simply provide the dimensions or a sketch.

What is the cost per square meter?2020-06-17T16:52:32+02:00

The price is determined by the amount of material used and the time required for its processing.

What is the largest size I can order?2020-06-17T16:52:47+02:00

The maximum orderable size is 900×1700 cm (sheet).

What is the expected lifespan of Cer-Deck?2024-05-21T15:28:27+02:00
From five to seven years. It depends on usage and whether the boat is stored indoors and protected from the elements during periods of non-use.
What is the warranty?2020-06-17T16:53:16+02:00

Cer-Deck products are guaranteed to be free from defects at the time of purchase.
The material and workmanship are guaranteed for 36 months. The double-sided adhesive cannot be guaranteed due to many external issues that may be present during installation.
All warranty details are available for download here: Warranty Information

How long does it stay attached?2020-06-17T16:53:32+02:00

If the Cer-Deck application has been done correctly, you can expect a lifespan of at least 5-7 years.

Can it be re-adhered if necessary?2020-06-17T16:53:51+02:00

Yes, if an edge or flap is slightly detached from the base, use an acrylic-based adhesive. If the item/mat is completely detached, the area must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any existing double-sided adhesive film residue, and a new item/mat must be reapplied.

If I choose to remove the Cer-Deck, how do I do it?2020-06-17T16:54:08+02:00

Use a metal spatula and start peeling off the Cer-Deck from a corner of the item/mat.
Pull gradually to avoid tearing the Cer-Deck item/mat.
Once the entire mat is removed, there will be a small amount of double-sided adhesive film left on the surface.
Soak with mineral spirits for 10 minutes, then remove the residue with a spatula. Once the double-sided adhesive film residue is removed, use acetone to remove the mineral spirits.

How do I prepare the surface for the application of Cer-Deck?2020-06-17T16:54:22+02:00

Use an ammonia-based glass cleaner and a Scotch Brite pad to remove dirt, sunscreen, and wax. sweat, etc. Clean thoroughly and let it dry completely.
If the boat is new, it is necessary to repeat the process several times. New boats have wax residues on their surfaces used as a release agent from the production mold, and if not completely removed, it can hinder the adhesion of Cer-Deck.

How do I make templates/patterns for my small boat, deck, flooring, etc.?2020-06-17T16:54:41+02:00

Download the form and follow the instructions: Customer Information Form – Template Positioning

Can custom logos be made?2020-06-17T16:55:01+02:00

Yes, we are able to engrave logos and texts if provided with vector graphics or desired text style/font.

How much do custom logos cost?2024-05-20T16:59:32+02:00

Custom logos and texts with maximum dimensions of 20x20cm are laser-engraved. If the logo/text exceeds 20x20cm, they will be executed with milling.
The cost of customization will be calculated during the quoting phase.

The product is pet-friendly (dogs)?2020-06-17T16:55:34+02:00

Our product is made of EVA foam material, so if scratched or scraped persistently, it may tear. The product is not covered by warranty if your pet tears the item.

Does Cer-Deck stain?2024-05-20T16:53:27+02:00

If Cer-Deck is treated promptly with warm water and soap or mild detergents, it usually does not remain stained.

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